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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Why Apple migrates to Intel

After Apple announced the change of its processor from PowerPC processor chip to Intel made processor, many question arose, such as which kind of Intel processor will Apple use. From the wide range of Intel processors, there’s some probable answers. Indeed, Apple is said to be interested with the Pentium M processor which are for notebook PCs, especially the code named ‘Yonah’. This is due to the low consumption of power of the Pentium M and slight heat it dissipates. That means it’s suitbale for use in Apple notebook like the iBook or even the PowerBook, or the mini desktop Mac Mini. For performance, surely the Pentium M is fast enough. The fusion of Pentium M Speed and friendly OS from Apple will attract many PC users bored with Windows and its malwares.

Yonah is planned to have a dual core processor in a single chip, which will increase its speed and performance compared to its predecessor. But it seems that the dual core Yonah is just for the desktop PC which is more tolerant to heat and don’t mind quite a sum of electrical power.

For notebook, single core Yonah will be available for a lower price. For the red hot Apple desktop migration, the Mac Mini, it might change its processor to the Celerons from Intel. The low cost Celeron still show decent performance for everyday task like word processing, simple spreadsheet / database, music/video playback, and accessing the internet. But for more serious jobs like photo/music/video editing, the Celerons pale compared to other pricier Intel chips.


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